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The national comparisons of resources, teaching, and research included here represent our approximation of benchmarking data for colleges at the University of Florida in the three-year cycle of benchmarking for each college and academic support unit. Beginning in 1994-95, approximately one-third of the colleges collected the data. The remaining two-thirds of the colleges collected data over the following two years, completing benchmark data for the entire university, and then a new cycle of data collection began.

The benchmarking process requires each unit to compare itself to the comparable units at The Ohio State University, the University of Minnesota and the University of Illinois. These three universities have the size and academic scope most comparable to the University of Florida among the AAU public institutions and have the excellent quality and productivity against which we compete. In addition to these core comparators, each unit then added others from among the AAU public institutions that also have exemplary programs. This method gives both a standard benchmark for all units and a range of program or discipline specific benchmarks for particular competitive programs.

We continue to learn much about the quality and comparability of the data we collect from comparison institutions, and we expect to improve each year on the quality and coverage of our measures. We present these national benchmarks not as a definitive statement of the relative strength of various programs, but as an indicator of the potential utility of this method of testing the performance of the University of Florida in the national marketplace for the graduates of high quality institutions. It permits as well a rough comparison of the relative investment each institution makes in the quality and strength of its competitive programs and also indicates areas of great strengths and elements needing improvement.


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