AAUDE University of Florida Data

How to Download Tables

Target Date
A. Salary/Fringe Benefits
A1. AAUDE Faculty Salary by CIP & Rank 12/1/99 Data
A2. AAUP Faculty Compensation Survey 12/15/99 excel-A2 Download PDF-A2
A3. IPEDS Salaries, Tenure & Benefits of Faculty 12/15/99 excel-A3 Download PDF-A3
A4. CUPA Administrative Compensation Survey 12/15/99 excel-A5 Download PDF-A5
A5. AAUDE Administrative Salary & Job Description 12/15/99 excel-A6 Download PDF-A6
A6. Graduate Assistant Stipends 12/15/99 excel-A7 Download PDF-A7
B. Finance
B1. IPEDS Finance Survey 12/15/99 excel-B1 Download PDF-B1
B2. Institutional Financial Report 12/15/99 Hard copy Report
mailed Dec. 1999
C. Students
C1. IPEDS Fall Enrollment - Summary 12/15/99 excel-D1 Download PDF-D1
C2. IPEDS Completions by Discipline 12/15/99 excel-E1 Download PDF-E1
  Degrees Conferred by Gender/Ethnicity 12/15/99 excel-E3 Download PDF-E3
D. Staffing
D1. IPEDS Fall Staff Survey 12/15/99 excel-F1 Download PDF-F1
E. Other
E1. Institutional Fact Book 12/15/99
E2. Cross Inventory of Course Discipline & CIP 12/15/99 excel-H2 Download PDF-H2
E3. Organization Charts 12/15/99
F. Special Institutional Surveys
F3. Applications/Admits/Enrollment 12/15/99
F4. Scientific & Engineering Expenditures 2/1/2000 excel-B4 Download PDF-B4
G. Collaborating Exchanges
G1. CSRDE 3/1/2000 excel-G1 Download PDF-G1
G2. University of Delaware 1/28/2000
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