SCH System

The Fundable Student Credit Hours & Annual FTE Management System is implemented by the Office of Institutional Research to provide University of Florida college deans, chairs, and administrators easy and quick retrieval of student credit hours and annual Full Time Equivalent (FTE) information by term and academic unit.

All SUS institutions by law have to submit termly (summer, fall, and spring) final Student Data Course Files (SDCF) to Board of Governors. For fall and spring, additional preliminary files are submitted. Final files are submitted after the end of the term and preliminary files are submitted during the term.

All the credit hours included in this system are state fundable. State fundable credit hours are student credit hours for which the university receives funding from the state and are based on Student Section Funding Flag , Type of Course Section , and/or Fee Waiver Kind .

Course levels:

  • Undergraduate Courses (course number between 1000 and 4999) [UGTotalSCH]:
    Annual UGTotalFTE = UGTotalSCH / 40.0
    • Lower Level - a student's course that has a Course Number between 1000 and 2999. [LowerSCH]
      Annual LowerFTE = LowerSCH / 40.0.
    • Upper Level - a student's course that has a Course Number between 3000 and 4999. [UpperSCH]
      Annual UpperFTE = UpperSCH / 40.0.
  • Graduate Courses (course number between 5000 and 8999) [GRTotalSCH]:
    Annual GRTotalFTE = GRTotalSCH / 32.0.
    Graduate courses can be grouped into two different categories:
    • Graduate Classroom - a student's course that has a Course Number between 5000 and 8999. [GCSCH]
      Annual GCFTE = GCSCH / 32.0.
    • Graduate Thesis & Dissertation - a student's course that is for study, investigation, or research to result in a treatise submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for a Master's degree or Doctorate degree. [TDSCH]
      - or -
      Annual TDFTE = TDSCH / 32.0.
    • Graduate I - a student's course that has a Course Number between 5000 and 8999 and is not Graduate II. [G1SCH]
      Annual G1FTE = G1SCH / 32.0.
    • Graduate II - a student's course that has a Course Number between 5000 and 8999 AND EITHER taken by advanced graduate student who is seeking advanced master's, engineer, specialist, or doctoral degree OR (beginning Summer 2009) taken by law or pharmacy students; OR (beginning Summer 2010) taken by doctoral students who are in an authorized Doctoral degree program] [G2SCH]
      Annual G2FTE = G2SCH / 32.0.
  • Total Fundable Credit Hours [TotalSCH]:
    Annual TotalFTE = UGTotalSCH / 40.0 + GRTotalSCH / 32.0

How to use the system

Term Selection (Summer 1995 - Current):

You may select "All terms" to get all the terms, an annual year (i.e. three terms for the year), a specific term, or Ctrl + Click (hold the Ctrl key while clicking the terms) to select multiple terms.

For state funding purposes, an annual credit hours figure is determined by summing credit hours from the final summer, fall, and spring SDCF. For example: for 1998-99, use "1998 05 SUMMER SDCF FINAL", "1998 08 FALL SDCF FINAL", and "1999 01 SPRING SDCF FINAL".

Academic Units Selection:

You may select "All Academic Units" to get all the academic units, select a specific academic unit, or Ctrl + Click (hold the Ctrl key while clicking the academic unit) to select multiple academic units.

Credit Hours Selection:

You may select one or more categories to get credit hours information. For each category you select, its annual FTE's will be displayed in the adjacent column. You will also have the option to download the data you have selected to an Excel spreadsheet for further data analysis.

Display Data By:

Once you have selected terms, academic units, and credit hours, you have one more option -- to display your data in either [academic units, term] or [term, academic units] order. It will also do the subtotals by Term or Academic Unit based on your selection. The default option will be [academic unit, term].

Data Display

Credit hours and annual FTE's by term and academic unit will be displayed first. You may view the data online or download to an Excel spreadsheet. You may also click a specific academic unit to further view the distribution of the credit hours and annual FTE's by department. Again, the detailed distribution by department data can be viewed online or downloaded to an Excel spreadsheet.

Reporting Errors

To help us pinpoint the problem, please include the following information: the browser you were using, the items you selected before it crashed, and any other information you would like us to know.

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