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Form 2. Actual Expenditures

All expenditures relating to or supporting the C/I for the last fiscal year are to be accounted for. These include state funds, funds from contracts and grants, fees for services (auxiliary funds), and private funds. The only expenditures excluded are salaries NOT paid by the C/I budget, capital expenditures related to facility construction, and equipment used by the C/I purchased with non C/I funds.

  1. The total actual expenditures amount on the expenditure form for each fund must match the total on the chartfield form. If the amounts for expenditures do not match, you will be given an error message and will not be allowed to submit your form.
  2. The formula for calculating "FTE in Person Years" is PY = (Wks Appt x FTE)/52.2.

    FTE data represent positions that are either entirely or partially paid for by C/I funds. Only those positions which are funded from your C/I’s budget should be reported. OPS positions should not be included.

    See examples in link below
  3. You will be able to print a copy for your records when complete.
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