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CDS Year:

The Housing data comes from;
Darlene Niswander at Sharon Blansett at or last attempt, Diane Porter-Roberts at

Housing numbers have been adjusted from the original posting. The original postings were as follows;
FTIC 83.5 and 10.7
Undergrad 22.9 and 77.1

FTIC 87.1 and 10.7
Undergrad 23.0 and 77.1

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Sharon Blansett - Housing
If you need the amount of first time at UF student for Fall 2010, I would use the figure of 66% of 7,383 = 4,872. Historically, we set aside about 66 – 70% of spaces for new admit freshmen (no matter how many college credits they bring with them) with the rest of the spaces going to continuing residents.
See email to Gary on 6/11/2011 in the NOTES.txt file in this website's folder.

Contact the Greek Affairs office for information regrading the fraternity and sorority information.

Student Life

CDS - F1. Percentages of first-time, first-year (freshman) students and all degree-seeking undergraduates enrolled in Fall 2012 who fit the following categories: (for first-time, first-year (freshman) students, included those who began in Summer 2012)


First-time, first-year (freshman) students


Percent who are from out of state (exclude international/nonresident aliens)

Percent of men who join fraternities

Percent of women who join sororities

Percent who live in college-owned, -operated, or -affiliated housing

Percent who live off campus or commute

Percent of students age 25 and older

Average age of full-time students

Average age of all students (full- and part-time)

CDS - F2. Activities offered - Identify those programs available at your institution.

Choral groups

Marching band

Student government

Concert band

Music ensembles

Student newspaper


Musical theater

Student-run film society



Symphony orchestra

Jazz band

Pep band

Television station

Literary magazine

Radio station


CDS - F3. ROTC (program offered in cooperation with Reserve Officers' Training Corps)

Army ROTC is offered:

On campus

At cooperating institution (name):

Naval ROTC is offered:

On campus

At cooperating institution (name):

Air Force ROTC is offered:

On campus

At cooperating institution (name):

CDS - F4. Housing: Check all types of college-owned, -operated, or -affiliated housing available for undergraduates at your institution.

Coed dorms

Special housing for disabled students

Men's dorms

Special housing for international students

Women's dorms

Fraternity/sorority housing

Apartments for married students

Cooperative housing

Apartments for single students

Other housing options (specify):

Campus Housing Policies (See

University-Operated Residence Halls

Total Capacity (Standard)

Single-sex residence halls (female only)

Co-ed residence halls

Percent of freshmen who live in campus housing
(Add the housing numbers and Greek numbers together to get this number.)

Percent of all undergraduates who live in campus housing
(Add the housing numbers and Greek numbers together to get this number.)

Sororities and Fraternities

No. of sororities

Percent undergraduate women who live in sororities

No. of fraternities

Percent of undergraduate men who live in fraternities

The Student Guide (See

Career Planning & Placement Center (See

seminars on career planning and job search skills and techniques,

Student Groups


No. of registered student groups on campus:

types of groups available:  

Student Government: (See

Athletics & Recreation (See

Intercollegiate Athletics

name of NCAA Division

No. of intercollegiate sports on campus

Athletic & Recreational Facilities on Campus