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Transfer Admission

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Transfer Admission

Fall Applicants

CDS - D1. Does your institution enroll transfer students?

(If no, please skip to Section E)

If yes, may transfer students earn advanced standing credit by transferring credits earned from course work completed at other colleges/universities? 

CDS - D2. Provide the number of students who applied, were admitted, and enrolled as degree-seeking transfer students in Fall 2012.

Use the SAS program;
Q:\SAS\source code\Gary\CDS\


Admitted applicants

Enrolled applicants




Application for Admission

CDS - D3. Indicate terms for which transfers may enroll:

CDS - D4. Must a transfer applicant have a minimum number of credits completed or else must apply as an entering freshman?

CDS - D5. Indicate all items required of transfer students to apply for admission:


Required of all

Recommended for all

Recommended for some

Required for some

Not required

High school transcript

College transcript(s)

Essay or personal statement


Standardized test scores

Statement of good standing from prior institution(s)

CDS - D7. If a minimum college grade point average is required of transfer applicants, specify (on a 4.0 scale):

CDS - D10. Does an open admission policy, if reported, apply to transfer students?

Transfer Credit Policies

CDS - D17. Describe other transfer credit policies: